Hi. I’ve been playing and writing about experimental music in Boston for nearly 20 years, and I’ve been doing stand-up comedy for 5 years. I…


This site is by & about Angela Sawyer, a person in Boston who sometimes does comedy things and music things. Angela looks like one of these people:

Every Sunday night, Angela hosts a comedy show for comedians (and musicians too) at the Midway Cafe in JP, which looks like this when it is empty.

2015-09-01 21.08.16

Pretty swank, eh? The show starts at 9pm, and then at 10pm, it magically transforms into an open mic. It’s free, 21+ & everyone gets up & gets 5 minutes onstage. Just put your name on the list. The thing even has it’s own website.



Every once in a while, Angela has performed in a comedy festival, like the Women In Comedy Festival, Thunderfest, or the Boston Comedy Arts Festival.

In her normal, everyday, not at all irregular life, Angela is interested in fairly extreme, obscure, avant-garde music and frequently goes on stage just to make a lot of gargling and retching noises. She also writes record reviews and liner notes and even gets paid for that sometimes. You can read her writing at Perfect Sound Forever. A list of her current bands can be found on this site, as well as some musical recordings.

When not making freaky sounds or creeping people out with esoteric musical history trivia, Angela sometimes hosts shows. For example, there are two different monthly stand-up showcases with obstacles/themes for the performers. One is every first Thursday at the Riot Theater at 9pm, and it’s called The Riot Shuffle Slot. The other is back at the great ol’ Midway Cafe every fourth Wednesday at 6p., and it is called Midway Or The Highway Presents.


Angela is also one of the hosts of Storyclub Boston, a monthly storytelling show run by Ken Green. She even cohosts the monthly Storytime At the Ape’s Nest, a weird music and story collision event thought up by Chris Braiotta.


In the past, there’s been a showcase called the Wreck Room, a production group called the Union Square Round Table, and a comedy organization that benefits people left behind by shitty government policies called Laugh While You Can. More previous shows can be found on this site under Old Stuff.


Angela went to college for philosophy wayyyyyy back in the 1990s. Her hobbies include coke zero, Edmund Husserl, rosacea, Glenn Gould, emotional child abuse, the Beach Boys, Being and Time, spaghetti westerns, spaghetti western soundtracks, and spaghettios. If you would like to ask a question, book a show of some kind, or invite her to see a movie, wiggle your fingers toward the contact page on this site.







People often ask out loud, “Angela, how many bands are you in right now?” This post will answer this question.

As of today, the number of bands is:


They are:
Preggy Peggy and the Lazy Babymakers
The Electrician
Negative One
Duck That
Moshi Moshi I Am the Decider
Angela Sawyer/Michael Rosenstein/Jesse Collins
Sharpened To Death

Preggy Peggy is a solo project, which is currently a rather odd mix of comedy and improvised jazz. It began as a duo with James Apt (Six Finger Satellite) in the late 90s. Or maybe it was the early 00s? A long time ago, anyhow.

Negative One is a hardcore band. Angela is the vocalist & there’s also Shawnie on guitar, Sam Potrykus on bass & Nick Neuberg on drums. It began in 2015 & will kill you.

The Electrician is an all improvised rock band imbued with more ominous masculinity than a cocaine smudge on a can of bud light lime. Besides me, it’s got Sam Potrykus on bass and objects, Chris Strunk on drums.

Grizzler is a longstanding large ensemble for improvised jazz here in Boston, & has up to 20 performers. It is run by Dave Gross.

Moshi Moshi I Am the Decider is a project set up expressly to play the worst possible sound you can imagine. Members include Dave Gross, Polly Hansen, Vic Rawlings & Angela. It began around 2000?

Michael, Jesse and I started a jazz trio in 2017. We sound like this.

Sharpened To Death is a noise duo. It’s me plus an insistently anonymous gentleman who goes by Mr. Smith and wears a whole lot of black. We only play in art galleries and we’re into pencils. Here’s our bandcamp.

Past bands include but are not limited to:
Exusamwa, Bad Telephone, Party Waters, Pig Sex, The Life Partners, the Phenomenological Boys, Les Garcons Sur La Plage, Christmas Morning, Byron Jimmy & Gerard, the Human Hairs, Sunshine Sanitarium, The White People, Blue Oyster Cult Dot Com, plus many, many other fantasy bands, bands that recorded one song for a specific release, & so on.




In case you wanted to know what I’ve done with my life, this is a set my band played in front of Tony Conrad in 2009. I’m mostly inaudible/invisible, but you can bet I was screaming really high

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Starting in March, I’ll be teaching a 6 week stand-up comedy class at the Zeiterion Theater in New Bedford. It’s $70 (which is darned cheap), and you’ll get advice on joke writing, physical basics, jitters, hecklers, booking yourself and lots more. If you’ve ever wanted to be a comedian, but wished you could get a hand with starting out, it’s for you. Sign up right here.