Episode Two


Ken and Angela visited a bunch of pieces at the Harvard Art Museums, more commonly known as ‘The Fogg’,which was established in 1895.

The museum includes rooms known as the Fogg, the Busch-Reisinger, and the Sackler. I counted 9 different exhibits across 3 floors.

Chuckles candy.

Famed architecht I.M. Pei

Part of the Art In Public Spaces exhibit is 258 Fake by Ai Weiwei. It was made in 2011 and consists of 12 monitors, shaped like cell phones, that show a total of 7,677 photos. The photos come from Weiei’s blog, which was taken down by the Chinese government in 2009.

Curve X, by Ellsworth Kelly, is from 1974. It’s part of the museum’s Modern and Contemporary Art exhibit, and the empty space that you see because of the very slight curve in the side of the piece is meant to evoke loss.

Four Greens is part of a series by Josef Albers called Homage to the Square. He began the series in 1949 to research what it looked like when related colors sat together. Albers taught design at the Bauhaus school in the 1920s and 30s, and also at Black Mountain College, and Yale. He took lots of photographs, made wallpaper, stained glass, woodcuts, album covers for Enoch Light, and lots more. This painting was done in 1964, long after he was famous, mostly just for teaching color theory. One of the other paintings in the series, Against Deep Blue, is from 1955. Albers was the first living artist to be given a solo show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan, in 1971. Four Greens and Against Deep Blue are part of the Mid Century Abstractions exhibit.

Victor Grippo is from Buenos Aires. His piece Analogia I is from 1970-71 and part of the exhibit The Sixties Experiment. Many of Grippo’s work feature potatoes, and at least at the Tate in London, they have to replace the potatoes once a week. Here’s a link to create your own potato battery.

The dead brains I was worried about turned out to be the brains of pigs.

Also, here’s a picture of Louis Pasteur’s original flasks. They have beef broth in them, not a whole steak, and they’re from the 1860s.

Before the 1980s, Aqua Net, like most hairsprays, contained Chlorofluorocarbons (bad for the ozone) and tumor-causing Vinyl Chloride (bad for people).

50 U Heinrich-Heine-Str. is by Corrine Wasmuht and was made in 2009 in Berlin.

Michael Stipe in the video for “Shiny Happy People”.

Georgia O’Keefe’s Red and Pink is from 1925, and was painted for a silk manufacturer’s brochure. It was constructed by enlarging and cropping flower petals. Although she spent some time working in New York, O’Keefe is best known for living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Fogg has it as part of their Surrealism exhibit.

Fantastic Voyage came out in 1966 and stars Raquel Welch and Donald Pleasence.

David Alfaro Siqueiros was a raging communist who painted murals in Mexico during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). El Fin del Mundo is from 1936 and part of the Social Realism exhibit. David used pictures of a real place in Iraq as inspiration (called Taq Kasra), and the result is a 3D painting where the rock ridges come right off the canvas.

The red reminded Ken of Ronnie James Dio, and me of Dario Argento and He Man. Obviously.

And also the right panel from the triptych Garden of Earthly Delights, painted around 1500 by Heironymous Bosch and used on innumerable album covers and postcards ever since.

Todd Hido’s #2810 is from 2001. He lives in San Francisco and takes lots of pictures of suburban houses (that makes them look non-awful) and also recently took photos of models for an Italian fashion line. This photo reminds me a lot of one by Remi Thornton, who also takes a lot of nighttime pictures in the burbs.

Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks from 1942.

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Episode One


Ken and Angela visited three pieces at the Boston ICA.

Before 2006, the ICA was located at 955 Boylston Street for over 30 years.

Liz Deschenes made Green Screen #4 in 2016.

Liz is from Boston, and it’s the first time she’s had a piece at the ICA.

Sondra Perry made Graft and Ash for a Three Monitor Workstation in 2016.

Sondra is from New Jersey, and has shows around the country and in London.

Hybrid Bodies is an exhibit within a larger ICA show called Art in the Age of the Internet 1989 to Today. One of it’s pieces is Safe Conduct by Ed Atkins.

Josh Kline made Saving Money With Subcontractors between 2015 and 2017.

Josh is originally from Philadelphia, but lives in New York. He is an art curator as well as an artist.

The sculptor I can never remember is Duane Hanson. This one’s called The Shoppers.

We also mentioned the box at the end of the movie Seven,

And Joe Pesci, star of Eight Heads in a Duffel Bag.

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This site is both by & about Angela Sawyer, who is a person in Boston. Angela looks like one of these people:

Every Sunday night, Angela hosts an open mic for comedians (and musicians too) at the Midway Cafe in JP, which looks like this when it is empty.

2015-09-01 21.08.16

Pretty swank, eh? The show starts at 9pm. It’s free, 21+ & everyone gets up & gets 5 minutes onstage. Just put your name in our literal name bucket. The thing even has it’s own website.



Every once in a while, Angela has performed in a comedy festival, like the Women In Comedy Festival, Thunderfest, or the Boston Comedy Arts Festival.

In her normal, everyday, not at all irregular life, Angela is interested in fairly extreme, obscure, avant-garde music and frequently goes on stage just to make a lot of gargling and retching noises. She also writes record reviews and liner notes and even gets paid for that sometimes. You can read her writing at Perfect Sound Forever. A list of her current bands can be found on this site, as well as some musical recordings.

When not making freaky sounds or creeping people out with esoteric musical history trivia, Angela sometimes hosts stuff. For example, you can find out more about the show that happens in her house, Shaves, right on this site. Also, there’s a podcast called The Navel Gaze and a weekly show on Wednesdays with Roslindale Comedy.


Angela is one of the hosts of Laughing Liberally, a monthly stand-up showcase that interviews progressive activists. And there’s also  Storyclub Boston, a monthly storytelling show run by Ken Green.


In the past, there’ve been showcases called the Riot Shuffle Slot, Midway Presents, the Wreck Room, a production group called the Union Square Round Table, a sci-fi erotica showcase called Storytime At The Ape’s Nest, and a benefit organization called Laugh While You Can. More previous shows can be found on this site under Old Stuff.


Angela went to college for philosophy wayyyyyy back in the 1990s. Her hobbies include diet coke, Edmund Husserl, rosacea, Glenn Gould, emotional child abuse, the Beach Boys, Being and Time, spaghetti westerns, spaghetti western soundtracks, and spaghettios. If you would like to ask a question, book a show of some kind, or invite her to see a movie, wiggle your fingers toward the contact page on this site.






Because I am way too hip for my own good, people often ask out loud, “Angela, how many bands are you in right now?” This page will answer that question.

As of today, the number of bands is:


They are:
Preggy Peggy and the Lazy Babymakers
Semi Sounds
Duck That
Angela Sawyer/Michael Rosenstein/Jesse Collins

Preggy Peggy is a solo project, which is currently a rather odd mix of comedy and improvised jazz. It began as a duo with James Apt (Six Finger Satellite) in the late 90s. Or maybe it was the early 00s? A very long time ago, anyhow.

Semi Sounds is a duo of two people in trucker hats who make the sounds of 18 wheelers while they chitchat on cb radios. It’s me and Sam Potrykus of the incredible Dorchester Art Project.

Duck That is a band for people who play game calls, and it sounds like Mauricio Kagel but also several badly injured animals. It has Steve Norton on reeds and percussion, me on voice and electronics, Jesse Collins on plastic lids and speakers and horns. Sometimes there’s also Josh Jefferson on reeds. Our cd is available in the store.

Michael, Jesse and I started a jazz trio in 2017. We sound like this.

Past bands include but are not limited to:
Grizzler, Negative One, The Electrician, Sharpened To Death, Exusamwa, Bad Telephone, Party Waters, Pig Sex, The Life Partners, the Phenomenological Boys, Les Garcons Sur La Plage, Christmas Morning, Byron Jimmy & Gerard, the Human Hairs, Moshi Moshi I Am The Decider, Sunshine Sanitarium, The White People, Blue Oyster Cult Dot Com, plus many, many other fantasy bands, bands that recorded one song for a specific release, & so on.




In case you wanted to know what I’ve done with my life, this is a set my band played in front of Tony Conrad in 2009. I’m mostly inaudible/invisible, but you can bet I was screaming really high