People often ask out loud, “Angela, how many bands are you in right now?” This post will answer this question.

As of today, the number of bands is:


They are:
Preggy Peggy and the Lazy Babymakers
The Electrician
Negative One
Duck That
Moshi Moshi I Am the Decider
Angela Sawyer/Michael Rosenstein/Jesse Collins
Sharpened To Death

Preggy Peggy is a solo project, which is currently a rather odd mix of comedy and improvised jazz. It began as a duo with James Apt (Six Finger Satellite) in the late 90s. Or maybe it was the early 00s? A long time ago, anyhow.

Negative One is a hardcore band. Angela is the vocalist & there’s also Shawnie on guitar, Sam Potrykus on bass & Nick Neuberg on drums. It began in 2015 & will kill you.

The Electrician is an all improvised rock band imbued with more ominous masculinity than a cocaine smudge on a can of bud light lime. Besides me, it’s got Sam Potrykus on bass and objects, Chris Strunk on drums.

Grizzler is a longstanding large ensemble for improvised jazz here in Boston, & has up to 20 performers. It is run by Dave Gross.

Moshi Moshi I Am the Decider is a project set up expressly to play the worst possible sound you can imagine. Members include Dave Gross, Polly Hansen, Vic Rawlings & Angela. It began around 2000?

Michael, Jesse and I started a jazz trio in 2017. We sound like this.

Sharpened To Death is a noise duo. It’s me plus an insistently anonymous gentleman who goes by Mr. Smith and wears a whole lot of black. We only play in art galleries and we’re into pencils. Here’s our bandcamp.

Past bands include but are not limited to:
Exusamwa, Bad Telephone, Party Waters, Pig Sex, The Life Partners, the Phenomenological Boys, Les Garcons Sur La Plage, Christmas Morning, Byron Jimmy & Gerard, the Human Hairs, Sunshine Sanitarium, The White People, Blue Oyster Cult Dot Com, plus many, many other fantasy bands, bands that recorded one song for a specific release, & so on.




In case you wanted to know what I’ve done with my life, this is a set my band played in front of Tony Conrad in 2009. I’m mostly inaudible/invisible, but you can bet I was screaming really high


On December 16th, I’ll be playing at a release show for my 2 lps ‘Croaks’, and ‘On the Pedestrian Side’, plus the Negative One 7 inch, AND a tape on Giant Tank. 8pm at the Hassle space. Write to me if you need the address.

Two new music things happened today. My hardcore band got a bandcamp, and my solo album got a record jacket. Both of those were thanks to the hard work of Ted Lee over at Feeding Tube.