“More than worthy of a good blurb.” -Dennis Stepp

“She put her poison in me.” -Paul Jacob

“A sheer delight on every level.” -Darcie Callahan

“Local superhero.” -Kit Wallach

“…delectable ear-pleasing concoction.” -Srilatha Rajamani

“Cleaner than a pony.” -Susanne Boitano

“…even at her worst she’s interesting…” -Harrison Rip

“Never less than noble.” -Bob Fay

“Never been indicted.” -Dave Seidel

“If you’re between the ages of 0 and 85, you need to check this out!” -Doug Polgardy

“Boston’s unsung storytelling superstar. Or perhaps sung.” -Ken Green

“She won’t die horribly, that’s for sure!” -Will Mayo

“A miracle of dental hygiene.” -Mark Pearson of Neptune

“A real Renaissance Woman.” -Michael Volpe

“Miss Avant wack job of every year and counting.” -Mike Geary

“I just get this vibe that she’s rad as fuck.” -Dan McMahon

“Oh, there she is.” -Jeff Balter

“The best music writer in murica- perhaps the world.” -Dan Melchior

“A billionaire philanthropist who’s lifelong efforts toward total global annihilation have won her hosannas from all over the globe.” -Steven Watson

“A good egg.” -Ryan Douglass

“A vertiable treasure trove…” -Steve Lowenthal

 “She knows what dip goes with the best chip.” – Yoshi Walsh

“Angela smells pretty good.” -Axhandle Sneak

“Part of the shadow government.” -Todd Purple

“Angela really understood my back issues and reassured me that I would be okay.” -Dan Hockstein


“Jon Bon Jovi surprises fan with Inoperable Brain Cancer” That’s just cruel. Rock stars should stick to giving tickets.

“We follow each other on Twitter to this day” said the man who’d been alive for 15 seconds.

“Your mom got a perm in the 70s and that’s why you have lupus.”

The “tides of man”? Who are you, Hemmingway? If a bunch of waving is the thing you want to see, try the toes of man.

“I love laughing. I’ve been doing a lot of laughing lately.”