People have things to say about Angela Sawyer

“More than worthy of a good blurb.” -Dennis Stepp

“She put her poison in me.” -Paul Jacob

“A sheer delight on every level.” -Darcie Callahan

“Local superhero.” -Kit Wallach

“…delectable ear-pleasing concoction.” -Srilatha Rajamani

“Cleaner than a pony.” -Susanne Boitano

“…even at her worst she’s interesting…” -Harrison Rip

“Never less than noble.” -Bob Fay

“Never been indicted.” -Dave Seidel

“If you’re between the ages of 0 and 85, you need to check this out!” -Doug Polgardy

“Boston’s unsung storytelling superstar. Or perhaps sung.” -Ken Green

“She won’t die horribly, that’s for sure!” -Will Mayo

“A miracle of dental hygiene.” -Mark Pearson of Neptune

“A real Renaissance Woman.” -Michael Volpe

“Miss Avant wack job of every year and counting.” -Mike Geary

“I just get this vibe that she’s rad as fuck.” -Dan McMahon

“Oh, there she is.” -Jeff Balter

“The best music writer in murica- perhaps the world.” -Dan Melchior

“A billionaire philanthropist who’s lifelong efforts toward total global annihilation have won her hosannas from all over the globe.” -Steven Watson

“A good egg.” -Ryan Douglass

“A vertiable treasure trove…” -Steve Lowenthal

 “She knows what dip goes with the best chip.” – Yoshi Walsh

“Angela smells pretty good.” -Axhandle Sneak

“Part of the shadow government.” -Todd Purple

“Angela really understood my back issues and reassured me that I would be okay.” -Dan Hockstein