Because I am way too hip for my own good, people often ask out loud, “Angela, how many bands are you in right now?” This page will answer that question.

As of today, the number of bands is:


They are:
Preggy Peggy and the Lazy Babymakers
Semi Sounds
Duck That
Angela Sawyer/Michael Rosenstein/Jesse Collins

Preggy Peggy is a solo project, which is currently a rather odd mix of comedy and improvised jazz. It began as a duo with James Apt (Six Finger Satellite) in the late 90s. Or maybe it was the early 00s? A very long time ago, anyhow.

Semi Sounds is a duo of two people in trucker hats who make the sounds of 18 wheelers while they chitchat on cb radios. It’s me and Sam Potrykus of the incredible Dorchester Art Project.

Duck That is a band for people who play game calls, and it sounds like Mauricio Kagel but also several badly injured animals. It has Steve Norton on reeds and percussion, me on voice and electronics, Jesse Collins on plastic lids and speakers and horns. Sometimes there’s also Josh Jefferson on reeds. Our cd is available in the store.

Michael, Jesse and I started a jazz trio in 2017. We sound like this.

Past bands include but are not limited to:
Grizzler, Negative One, The Electrician, Sharpened To Death, Exusamwa, Bad Telephone, Party Waters, Pig Sex, The Life Partners, the Phenomenological Boys, Les Garcons Sur La Plage, Christmas Morning, Byron Jimmy & Gerard, the Human Hairs, Moshi Moshi I Am The Decider, Sunshine Sanitarium, The White People, Blue Oyster Cult Dot Com, plus many, many other fantasy bands, bands that recorded one song for a specific release, & so on.