Preggy Peggy & the Lazy Babymakers City That Bleeds lp


Solo vocals by me, the owner of Weirdo. Little while back I went to Baltimore for a few days to play at the long running High Zero festival. Since I very rarely got time away from my desk, it seemed like an opportune time to make a record. So I did that while sitting inside my rental car. It was hot in there, quiet & humid outside, and the kids and moms walking by on the leafy sidewalk gave me some pretty funny looks. I used a digital handheld recorder, my phone as 2nd recorder/delay pedal, and a laptop to clean things up a bit while waiting around at the festival. Atmospheric if you keep the volume low, a little scarier if you turn it up, and it’s the first lp release that I’ve pressed of my own stuff. Whispers, whoops, gargles & a few doors opening & closing, but otherwise, no instruments & all batteries. Previously on a cassette label in Australia.
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