This site is both by & about Angela Sawyer, who is a person in Boston. Angela looks like one of these people:

Every Sunday night, Angela hosts an open mic for comedians (and musicians too) at the Midway Cafe in JP, which looks like this when it is empty.

2015-09-01 21.08.16

Pretty swank, eh? The show starts at 9pm. It’s free, 21+ & everyone gets up & gets 5 minutes onstage. Just put your name in our literal name bucket. The thing even has it’s own website.



Every once in a while, Angela has performed in a comedy festival, like the Women In Comedy Festival, Thunderfest, or the Boston Comedy Arts Festival.

In her normal, everyday, not at all irregular life, Angela is interested in fairly extreme, obscure, avant-garde music and frequently goes on stage just to make a lot of gargling and retching noises. She also writes record reviews and liner notes and even gets paid for that sometimes. You can read her writing at Perfect Sound Forever. A list of her current bands can be found on this site, as well as some musical recordings.

When not making freaky sounds or creeping people out with esoteric musical history trivia, Angela sometimes hosts stuff. For example, you can find out more about the show that happens in her house, Shaves, right on this site. Also, there’s a podcast called The Navel Gaze and a weekly show on Wednesdays with Roslindale Comedy.


Angela also is one of the hosts of Storyclub Boston, a monthly storytelling show run by Ken Green.


In the past, there’ve been showcases called the Riot Shuffle Slot, Midway Presents, the Wreck Room, a production group called the Union Square Round Table, a sci-fi erotica showcase called Storytime At The Ape’s Nest, and a benefit organization called Laugh While You Can. More previous shows can be found on this site under Old Stuff.


Angela went to college for philosophy wayyyyyy back in the 1990s. Her hobbies include diet coke, Edmund Husserl, rosacea, Glenn Gould, emotional child abuse, the Beach Boys, Being and Time, spaghetti westerns, spaghetti western soundtracks, and spaghettios. If you would like to ask a question, book a show of some kind, or invite her to see a movie, wiggle your fingers toward the contact page on this site.