The Series on Mondays

The Series is indeed a series, of music performances, natch, that take place every Monday night at Weirdo. Things get started at 8pm, end about 10 or 10:30pm, & $5 donations are requested. The upcoming schedule will be posted here as it comes dribbling in, and snippets from past shows will be available for download too. If you're interested in performing here, scroll down through this page for some sage advice. You can also find out about the history of the Series by going here.

12/22/14 Noise Nomads
12/29/14 Will Mayo
1/5/15 Matt Chaves' storytime
1/12/15 Ryan Lee Crosby
1/19/14 Whistle Jacket
1/26/14 Con Tex & J Adam
2/9/15 Peace Loving
2/16/15 Mike Stand Productions

Here's a video from the most recent show:

Some sort of something from every single show that's ever taken place here can be seen in this flickr set or more recently, this picasa set and this you tube channel.

Gory Details:
If you're thinking of performing as part of the Series, there's a couple of things you'll want to know.

First off, Weirdo is smaller than the average college dorm room. A college dorm room with several thousand records in it, matter of fact. Take a look at the pictures. Notice how everyone is standing real close together? That's cause they have to. This means that (a) drums & (b) typical mid-sized amplifiers, while amusing to try & cram in here, won't really fit. Either will basically be useless and will be loud enough to bring the police around. If you play an instrument that needs electricity & there's no acoustic version of it, consider a cigarette amp, pignose amp, or a plugin speaker set made for mp3 players. You won't be too quiet (honest!), mostly because your audience will be close enough to you that you could reach out & pat each of them on the shoulder.

Things generally get started around 8 & are over by 10 or 10:30, and it's all pretty low key. Donations are requested on your behalf, and all handed over to you at the end of the evening.

Scheduling is rather haphazard, so sometimes there might be a date available in just a week or two, while other times things are full up months in advance. However if you're patient, halfway polite & keep on it a bit, you'll find a friendly & welcoming atmosphere, & a small group of people who really listen.

12/15/14 Morgan Evans-Weiler set
12/8/14 Walter Wright set
11/24/14 Stephanie Lak set
11/17/14 Zade Buti
11/10/14 A Campbell Payne
11/3/14 Brittany Karlson & friends set

10/27/14 Joe & Pat Halloween LSD Visions
10/20/14 Dirge Attic (Tom Scanlon) set
10/13/14 CTM/Cryostasium (Cody & Thor Maillet) set & The Gizmos set
10/6/14 Steve Norton & Polly Hanson are Ancient Ludwigs set
9/29/14 Eric Dahlman set
9/22/14 Tyto Alba set
9/15/14 End Guys (Steve Norton & Matt Samolis) set
9/8/14 Ron Gittens' Long Blonde Wig set
9/1/14 Lean (Mickey O'Hara & Seamus Williams) set
8/25/14 Mal Devisa
8/18/14 Chill City Icon
8/4/14 Officer Susie (Connor Baker & Matt Delligatti) set
7/28/14 Walter Wright/Stephanie Lak
7/21/14 Matthew Robidoux
7/14/14 Subpar Costar excerpts
7/7/14 Matt Muslin set
6/30/14 Krista Quinn sets
6/23/14 Rajen Bhatt excerpt
6/16/14 Somerville Speakout Release Party exerpt
6/9/14 CTM (Thor & Cody Maillet)set
6/2/14 Dave Seidel set
5/26/14 Coralcola set
5/19/14 Donna Parker set
5/12/14 Royal Wedding set
5/5/12 K-The-I??? set
4/21/14 Mass Text set
4/7/14 Gilmore Tamny set
3/31/14 Shea Mowatt presents God's Favorite Messed Up Nativity Scene + idm theftable sets
3/24/14 Miguel Morte Valentine set & Foom set
3/17/14 Brian Fink set
3/10/14 Jason Belcher set
3/3/14 Nooge Nugent set
2/17/14 Walter Wright/Jack Wright/Andrea Pensado set
2/10/14 Jenifer Gelinau set
2/3/14 Christine An sets
1/27/14 Lester Bowie duo (Howard Martin/Jesse Collins) set
1/20/14 Morgan Evans Weiler set
1/6/14 Long Blonde Wig set
12/30/13 Peter Gumaskas, Jason Belcher & friends New Year's Party set 1, set 2
12/23/13 Peter Gumaskas set
12/16/13 Triode set
12/9/13 Deleuzer set
12/2/13 Big & Little (Steve Norton/Peter Gumaskas) set
11/18/13 Lord Nathaniel set
11/11/13 Funeral Cone set
11/4/13 Zwornikins audio
10/28/13 Dave Gross/James Coleman 7p set
10/21/13 Homeshopper (Dave Gross/Steve Norton) set
10/14/13 Gross (Andy Crespo on bass, Ted Lee on drums & synth, GDG on vox & guitar) set
9/30/13 Howard Martin set
9/23/13 Michael Rosenstein/Howard Martin set
9/16/13 Josh Burkett 7p, Wes Hazard hosts comedy 8:30p set
9/9/13 Peter Gumaskas set
8/26/13 Ronnie Nordac 7p, Wes Hazard hosts comedy 8:30p set 1
8/19/13 Wes Kaplan & Arian S set
8/12/13 One Armed Mist set
8/5/13 Con Tex/Walter Wright set
7/29/13 Nick Dooley set
7/22/13 Michael Rosenstein set
7/15/13 Blister (Lucio & David) set
7/8/13 Long Blonde Wig (Ron Gittens) excerpts
7/1/13 Erich Haygun set
6/24/13 Walter Wright's Bats from Pogo set
6/17/13 Ethan Parcell set
6/10/13 Asha's art show & Retribution Body & Sam Laviazar the DJ
6/3/13 Skinny Bones, Cancer Castle, Kingsley Davis
5/20/13 Miguel Campos set plus Matt Delligatti/Nick Neuberg/Brittany Karlson set
5/6/13 Nelson Slater exerpts
4/29/13 Ulendings set
4/22/13 Joe Burgio exerpts
4/8/13 Crank Sturgeon set
4/1/13 Shoe's International Flute Army set
3/25/13 Mark Johnson/Andy Allen/Ben Hersey set
3/18/13 Diagram A and Phog Masheeen sets
3/4/13 Plank Ewing set
2/25/13 Chris Strunk set
2/18/13 Jason Belcher/Tara Mueller/Andrew Clinkman/Andy Allen set
2/4/13 Eric Dahlman & Keiichi Hashimoto set
1/28/13 Morgan Evans Weiler & Peter Gumaskas set
1/21/13 Morgan Evans Weiler set
1/14/13 Morgan Evans Weiler & Noell Dorsey set
1/7/13 Morgan Evans Weiler set
12/31/12 Mark Johnson set
12/17/12 Forest Wizard set
12/12/12 Bang Bros set
11/26/12 Dat Tracker set
11/19/12 Sam Wheeler set
11/12/12 The Moogist set
10/15/12 One Armed Mist (Walter Wright, Steve Norton, Arkm Foam) set
10/8/12 Gilmore Tamny's poetry set
10/1/12 Triode set
9/24/12 Adventures of Boxhead (Ian Kovac from Guerilla Toss) set
9/17/12 Gentle Captor set
9/10/12 Mouthy Mouth set
9/3/12 Ryan Lee Crosby set
8/27/12 Andy Crespo set 1, set 2
8/20/12 Michael Sadler set 1, set 2
8/13/12 Michael Rosenstein/Polly Hanson/Julia Harris set
8/6/12 Jason Belcher set
7/30/12 Steve Norton/Peter Gumaskas set
7/23/12 Lung Pit set
7/16/12 Hunnie Bunnies set
7/9/12 Naga Gaga set
7/2/12 Walter Wright/Steve Norton duo set
6/25/12 Mark Goldstein set
6/18/12 Ximena Izquierdo's Mixed Feelings/Day Pussy/Mr Transylvania set
6/11/12 Fausto Sierakowski/Andy Allen/Andrew Clinkman set
6/4/12 Grau Garten set
5/28/12 Adventure Boots Trio set
5/21/12 Retribution Body set
5/14/12 Tuesday Never Comes set
5/7/12 Forest Wizard set 1, set 2
4/30/12 Mike Bullock & Steve Norton are CBCA set
4/23/12 Steve Norton & Polly Hanson set
4/16/12 A. Campbell Payne & ADT (Steve Norton & Angela) set 1, set 2
4/9/12 Ricochet (Steve Norton & Noell Dorsey) set
4/2/12 Steve Norton, Lawrence Cook & Tom Plesek record release party set
3/26/12 Return of the Honeytones (Walter Wright & Steve Norton) set
3/19/12 Josh Jefferson & Sam Lisabeth/Fausto Sierakowski set 1, set 2
3/12/12 Evans Anti Art Ensemble set
3/5/12 Jeremy Quick video
2/27/12 Morgan Evans Weiler, Howard Martin, Michael Rosenstein set
2/20/12 Maxwell Citron excerpt
2/13/12 Tulpa (Jesse Kaminsky) set
2/6/12 Mouthy Mouth set
1/30/12 Dinners set
1/16/11 Steve Norton plays Roscoe Mitchell video
1/2/12 Gracious Calamity & Adam Foam set 1, set 2
12/26/11 Birdorgan & Lexie Mountain set 1, set 2, set 3
12/19/11 Jason Belcher/Tara Mueller set
12/12/11 Absurder set
12/5/11 Idiolect (Steve Norton & Jesse Kaminsky) & Jeff Young set 1, set 2
11/28/11 Triode (Stephen B., Jesse C., Peter G.) set 1
11/21/11 Big Fuzzy & Katze (Morgan Evans-Weiler & Noell Dorsey) set 1, set 2
11/14/11 Howard Martin two sets
11/7/11 Con Tex set
10/31/11 Tarp, Xela & Hunnie Bunnies halloween party set 1, set 2, set 3
10/24/11 Luke Moldof & Reuben Son set
10/17/11 Luke Moldof & Resignation set
10/10/11 Luke Moldof & Greg Kelley set
10/3/11 Luke Moldof & Chris Forgues set
9/26/11 Morgan Evans-Weiler set
9/19/11 Sunshine Soldier set
9/12/11 Hurricanes of Love & Knight Howls set 1, set 2
9/5/11 Spam (Curt Newton, Matt Samolis, Steve Norton)/Dat Tracker (mems of Peyote Feminist) set 1, set 2
8/29/11 Forest Wizard set 1, set 2
8/22/11 Eric Dahlman/Erik Nugent/Michael Knoblach/Ken Lovelet excerpt
8/15/11 Endguys (Steve Norton & Matt Samolis) & Horaflora set 1, set 2
8/13/11 Bonus: Matthew Mullane came through town for a bit & played in the shop. set
8/8/11 Keiichi Hashimoto & Duck That at Problem House instead of inside Weirdo. set
8/1/11 Gay Shapes set
7/25/11 Dugoutcanoe/MMCIII set 1, set 2
7/18/11 One Happy Island excerpt
7/11/11 Funny Money set
7/4/11 Peace Loving 10 hour outdoor holiday extravaganza excerpt 1, excerpt 2, excerpt 3, excerpt 4
6/27/11 Walter Noons set
6/20/11 Loup Garou with Steve Norton set
6/13/11 Venerate the Plow set 1, set 2
6/6/11 Benny Nelson set
5/30/11 FisherSplice set
5/23/11 Gaetana Brown excerpt
5/16/11 Greasy Cuffs Song Tour excerpt
5/12/11 Vic Rawlings/Michael Rosenstein set
5/2/11 Morgan Evans-Weiler/Howard Martin set
4/25/11 David Kendall set
4/18/11 Ashley Paul set
4/11/11 Avoidance set
4/4/11 Mike Dobiel/Erich Hochstrasser set 1, set 2
3/28/11 Carlisle Sound set
3/21/11 Primacy Effect & Toilet Phone set 1, set 2
3/14/11 Mr. Dirky set
3/7/11 Peyote Feminist set
2/28/11 Bisexual Lion of God/Spice Raq set 1, set 2
2/21/11 Realveal set
2/14/11 Shitaly for Valentine's Day set
2/7/11 Brian Green & Doug LaRosa set 1, set 2, set 3
1/31/11 Keith Waters set
1/24/11 Coralcola set
1/17/11 Moon Climb The Wall & Ghost In Salad set 1, set 2
1/15/11 Bonus show: We Love You & Duck That split release party set 1, set 2
1/10/11 Cruudeuces & Womyn Hunter (Luke Moldof, Carl Haas) set 1, set 2
1/3/11 Mulch Craft set
12/20/10 Whiteout Showdown with Vic & Angela set
12/13/10 Vic Rawlings' electronics set
12/6/10 Vic Rawlings is Santa set
11/22/10 Eric Dahlman set
11/15/10 Human Hairs set
11/8/10 Patrick Emm set
11/1/10 films by J.P. DiSciscio
10/25/10 Young & Old set 1, set 2
10/18/10 Bisexual Lion of God (technical snafu on my part, so no sounds).
10/11/10 Gordon Marshall poetry reading & birthday party.
10/4/10 Undeveloped Piles set
9/27/10 Anita Fix set
9/20/10 Kevin Micka/Mark Pearson set
9/13/10 Maine Coons set
9/6/10 Noell Dorsey/Chris Strunk set
8/30/10 Noise Nomads set
8/23/10 Morgan Evans Weiler/Jules Vasylenko AND Core of the Coalman set, set
8/16/10 Spice Raq AND Black Beauty set, set
8/9/10 Luke Moldof/Vic Rawlings set
8/2/10 Water set
7/26/10 Findings set
7/23/10 bonus: Bill Orcutt was kind enough to stop by on his way through town. set
7/5/10 Goa Death Mother set
6/28/10 Ernst Karel set
6/21/10 Angela's birthday party w/ Duck That set
6/14/10 Great Hopes set
6/7/10 Luther Gray set
5/31/10 Brandon Terzakis set
5/17/10 Cereal set
5/10/10 Reuben Son set
5/1/10 Still yet another bonus: Johnny Cohen stopped by the shop on a Saturday afternoon for a few songs set
4/26/10 William Nowik set part 1, set part 2
4/21/10 Yet another Bonus: Mark Trecka & Elephant Micah both sets
4/19/10 Kevin Frenette Trio set
4/17/10 Bonus #1: Howard Martin on trumpet & a pal on melodica, part of Record Store Day 2010 festivities, recorded by Reuben Son excerpt
4/17/10 Bonus #2: Some conversational ambience from Record Store Day 2010, with Howard Martin's tape installation in the background, recorded by Reuben Son excerpt
4/17/10 Bonus #3: Keith Fullerton Whitman (who was joined here & there by a few folks, including Geoff Mullen) outside on the sidewalk in the rain, recorded by Josh Harris excerpt 1, excerpt 2
4/17/10 Bonus #4: Milo Jones played a perfect end to a wonderful day set
4/12/10 Poltergeist Friction set
4/5/10 Asha Sheshadri set
3/29/10 Mike Bullock/Forbes Graham, both on trumpet set 1
3/22/10 Mike & Linda Bullock's movies set
3/15/10 Mike Bullock & Josh Jefferson bass & alto set
3/8/10 Mike Bullock solo bass set
2/22/10 Blissed Out set
2/8/10 Sequoyah Leaf set
2/1/10 Linda Aubry Bullock's films set
1/18/10 Steve Norton/Matt Samolis/Noell Dorsey perform Steve Lacy's 'Tips' set
1/11/10 Twan Beautiful set
1/4/10 Magic Peopa href=le set
12/28/09 Luke Moldof/Ben Stepner set
12/21/09 Jules Vasylenko/Howard Martin set 1, set 2
12/14/09 Kilter (Steve Norton/Curt Newton) + Jack Callahan set 1, set 2
12/7/09 Ophibre/Eric Miller set
11/30/09 Retribution Body set 1
11/23/09 Xela & Ning Nong excerpt
11/16/09 Needy Visions excerpt
11/9/09 High Aura'd/Area C excerpt
11/2/09 Abram Taber excerpt
10/26/09 Colby Nathan as Hyena excerpt
10/19/09 Mike Bullock's birthday party! excerpt
10/5/09 Maine Coons excerpt
9/28/09 Jarrod Fowler's extremely conceptual non-appearance party (sorry, no sound file)
9/21/09 Ted Lee (Western Mass. beard about town, Feeding Tube Records) excerpt
9/14/09 Max Lord (improv on synths from the 23rd century) excerpt
9/7/09 Brendan Murray (drone installation) excerpt
8/31/09 Chris Strunk vs Ribrcardo Donoso (Percussion Battle Vol. 2) excerpt
8/24/09 Noell Dorsey excerpt
8/17/09 Double Awake excerpt
8/10/09 Zerfallt excerpt
8/3/09 Animal Hospital excerpt
8/2/09 Bonus show: Graveyards e/axcerpt
7/27/09 Benjamin Nelson & Brandon Terzakis excerpt
7/6/09 Daniel Harris excerpt
6/29/09 Steve Norton excerpt 1, excerpt 2
6/22/09 Streight Angular set
9/14/09 Max Lord (improv on synths from the 23rd century)excerpt 3
6/08/09 Peyote Feminist (Don Harney, Sam Wheeler & Buzz Gundersen aka the Absurder) excerpt 1, excerpt 2
5/4/09 Johnny Cohen video, excerpt
4/20/09 Bonnertronix (Steve Bonner's homemade electronics) set 1
4/13/09 Milo Jones excerpt
4/6/09 We Love You set 1, set 2
Happy listening & crank 'em up loud.