Various Brass Pins & Match Heads lp


Ian Nagoski's 2nd big collection of 78s (following 'String of Pearls') leans toward super-obscure, unheard international sides, but tosses in a couple of well-worn hits to keep you on your toes. And it works. The queen of fado suddenly seems as smooth as Ella Fitzgerald compared to the tearjerking anguish of Macedonian folk singer Vaska Ilieva. The spikes in Jelly Roll Morton piano pieces are only highlighted when stacked up against the cutting & twisting harmonics of George Katsaros' rembetika guitar. Hear Persian classical music yodels, spectral & aching girl harmonies, people pretending to be cows, bereaved Native American wood flutes, and more old sides that will crack open your cold heart. Tracklisting: Taj Isfahani-Chekawak Va Bidad, Juan Parras del Morral-Asturias, George Stabler-Omaha Flute Music, Fautino Santalices-Lonxe de Terrina, Vaska Ilieva-Air Da Ne Storish Majka, George Katsaros-Vre Mangas Pou Mai Go, Hagami & Mohni-Ghumar, Jodlerklob Thun-Alpufzug, Col. Ali Naqi Vaziri-Tar Solo in ARaz Esfahan of the Great Radif, Django Reinhardt-Appel Direct, Santuri Recep & Kucuk Cemal-Harmandali Zeybek, Jelly Roll Morton-The Crave, Amalia Rodrigues-Nao e Desgraca Ser Pobre.
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    • Released by the wonderful label: Mississippi/Canary

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