The Best of the Electras lp


Scorching garage snarlers. Ely, Minnesota's greats, who shared the same producer with the hallowed Litter & recorded at the legendary Dove studios. Both bands recorded versions of 'Action Woman' & 'Soul Searchin', and while producer Warren Kendrick portrayed the two bands as rivals for his songwriting, the Electras say they never heard the Action versions at all until years later. All their singles, plus a couple of strays from related bands. Tracklisting: Dirty Old Man, Soul Searchin, This Week's Children, Action Woman, I'm Not Talkin, Pregnant Pig, Bout My Love, Won't Take No for an Answer, Beer Bust Blues, Scotch Mist, Midnight Hour, I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore, One More Time, Mister You're a Better Man That I, Little Girl.
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