Lyres Lyres cd


Everyone thought the 2nd Lyres record sounded more like the 80s when it was released (because of the baritone, echoey vocals). But as Monoman rightly points out in the notes, it really sounds like the Outsiders' 'CQ'. Slow soul raveups that somehow warp themselves into whisper-sung confessional ballads, with funny snare-heavy drum parts. Tracklisting: Not Looking Back, She Pays the Rent, You'll Never Do It Baby, I Love Her Still I Always Will, No Reason to Complain, The Only Thing, Stacey, How Do You Know, You Won't Be Sad Anymore, If You Want My Love, Busy Men, Teach Me to Forget You, Stormy.
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    • Released by the wonderful label: Munster

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