Rick Jones Fingerbobs lp

Soundtrack to a British kids tv show about paper hand puppets that used the shape of the puppeteer's hand in a glove to form the body of the character, thus making it cuter than ten thousand etsy shops. Spick & span acoustic guitar, xylophone & woodwind tunes that fit together like chipper little puzzles. Theme songs for each character, including not-very-humanoid ones like shrimp. Tracklisting: Fingerbobs Theme, Fingermouse Theme, Fingermouse Incidental, Enoch Makes the Wheel, Instrumental Titles, Scampi's Theme, Drawing on Stones, Seeds, Enoch's Wheel 2, Gulliver's Theme, Gulliver's Instrumental, Fingermouse Plays the Organ, Fingermouse & Flash Play the Guitar, Plasticene, Flash's Theme, Shapes, Little Link, Bricks, Shiny Thing, Story of the Wooden Tower, Wood End Titles.
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    • Released by the wonderful label: Trunk

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