Moniek Darge Soundies cd

Quiet bonking from this quietly bonkers lady. Darge has been part of the Logos Duo/Ensemble since 1968 with Godfried Willem Raes. Their records together encompass everything from performance art (compositions for bicycle wheels or giant balloons), to homebuilt electronics & musical robots (which Raes insists work better when you play them in the nude, while doing cartwheels). She also teaches ethnomusicology & art history in Ghent, puts on shows at least once a week, collects instruments from Africa & Indonesia, and makes miniature sound sculptures (from solar powered music boxes to batches of pebbles that come with stirring sticks). Something chirps in a duet with a hungry kitten, old doorbells ring, papers rustle, the wind blows, birds chatter, voices intone. Tracklisting: Sand, Stormfugle, Fairy Tale, Harpje, Caete, Verbondenheid, Turning Wheel.
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    • Released by the wonderful label: Kye

    Happy listening & crank 'em up loud.